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Friday, April 14, 2017

Quality Content - The Be-All and End-All of Sales Online

Hire expert content writers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Vizag etc. in India. Get content writing services in Hyderabad and in other cities in India from experts who have been in this field for over 7 years. With us by your side, you can certainly to get the level of success you yearn for in your sphere of business online. 

Content Writers Hyderabad
Offering the best-in-class content writing services for clients across
Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Vizag etc. in India. 

Let me ask you one simple question. Why do you want to have a website? Well, I know it would be childish to ask when you already know the answer but I have to. Because, I want to hear it from you too. Business owners often show readiness to spend money on design and development services to get the best site for their business presence online but they often do not pay attention to the soul of the site. Yes, we are talking about the content of the site. Because it is content which makes the site awesome.

Help your web visitors / prospective customers understand you

Do you know why some of the sites do not manage to create a good impression on the visitors’ mind even though they are designed intelligently? Obviously, they do not have the right content which appropriately present their business in a nutshell. It is true you may be the person who knows more about the business but it is not always wise to attempt writing the content for the site yourself because it is the job of the writers who have the expertise at it.

Quality Content - Whys and Wherefores 

You need good content because it will make it easier for the prospective customers to understand your business. It can create a sales channel - enticing the web visitors and pushing them through the sales funnel. It can effortlessly generate sales. 

Online presence / SEO 

If you ask experts in search engine optimization then you would come to know that the content is what Google and other search engines like. Enterprises which are looking forward to optimize website need to pay more attention to content marketing strategy because presently SEO is all about content marketing. Gone are the days when seo professionals usd to spend a lot of time submitting the site’s data in thousands of directories (relevant and irrelevant  to the business concept of the client),  uploading one single article to tens of or hundreds of article directories. Now, the scenario is changed. Optimization becomes effective or brings results only when it is fueled with the right content. Whether the SEO team is trying to push the site through blog or trying to create awesome presence through social sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or other interesting sites like Tumblr, ScoopIT or other other sites, making use of the plagiarism-free content is key to success. 

Strictly “No” to Copy-Paste Social Posts 

Marketers know the importance of pushing the site through social posts. Here, a content writer who know more of how to attract the customers with catchy posts (Facebook, Twitter posts) would help businesses a lot in generating the sales through these social channels. As a marketer, you should know that making use of the same content for posts on Twitter or Facebook (and other sites such as LinkedIn, Tumblr etc) would lead to detrimental effects on the online presence or position of the site. Google may penalize the sites which make use of the same content again and again for the social posts. So, be very careful. Do not think that it would not affect the presence of the site in Google and other search engines. It would surely affect and in fact, nine times out of ten, sites even go completely out of the search results. 

Do not wait for the content anymore.

Get quality content at the right most affordable prices. Get content which can effortlessly increase the sales. We have a team of experts content writers who know how to help businesses generate sales online with unique content. We will craft superb content for your business online, employing the most successful content strategies.  

We can be contacted for anything you require - content for the websites, blogs, seo articles, press releases, white papers, brochure, ebooks, business development plan, social media posts etc. 

Let us help you achieve your content marketing goals effortlessly

Content Marketing Services Hyderabad
Our clients can rely on us for result-oriented content marketing services.  

SEO experts now employ content marketing strategies to optimize the sites. Today, 95% of SEO hinges more on content creation, content promotion. So, if you are looking for a content marketing company in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai,Kolkata India then you can rely on us. We can certainly help you achieve all content marketing goals you have for your business success online. Our team will analyze all your content marketing needs and upon close analysis, will come up with the best plan that will work like magic and help generate higher revenue. Creativity is ingrained in all that we do for our clients.  

Contact us for all your content writing services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Vizag etc. We offer the best content writing services for our clients across India and across the globe. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Plagiarized Content Can Wreck Your SEO and Overall Business Presence Online

Hire dedicated, experienced and qualified content writers in Hyderabad for all unique content writing services in Hyderabad. Content Writers India (CWI) provides the best content writing services for clients across Hyderabad, Vizag, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad,  Kolkata, Jaipur etc. Grow, strengthen your business presence online with our incredibly compelling, impressive and unique content.  


You must have heard a lot about PLAGIARISM. It denotes unoriginal work. The laziest, the most inexperienced, unprofessional and often the novice writers do this. If you have entrusted a content writer for the development of website content for your site or seo writer for seo articles for your website optimization purpose then you would surely expect something unique, something different that can help you differentiate yourself from the bunch of other sites or competitors in your business sphere but if you get nothing but  just copied content / stolen paragraphs or bits of content pieces from various resources then what? It would be sheer waste of time and money.  

Explosion of quality web content 

Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have started giving much more importance to content that is developed, written from scratch with no copy-paste word-groups or phrases. If you have got a site and it doesn’t have original, unique content then search engines will not give any preference to your site. It will be lashed by from all corners and you will miss out on the opportunities to market it online effectively (if you are thinking of marketing through SEO).

Copied content sabotages your SEO

If you are already spending time and money on SEO and you are not getting any good results then it is crucial that you first cross-check your web content and content that you are using for the purpose of marketing (For instance, articles which are written in accordance to the principles of SEO and other seo-based content for social media marketing and other online marketing strategies). If there is high degree of copied content then it will surely not bring the results you are expecting. It is also observed that sites which already rank higher in Google and other search engines, sometimes get hit by these search engines because of the introduction of the plagiarized content in the form of content marketing across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other article creation or link building resources such as Hubpages, free Wordpress blogs, guest blogging etc. 

Detecting Plagiarism 

There are various sites which can help you detect copied content. We would suggest that you should always analyze the content you have or received from any content writer for it will let you know whether it is really being plagiarized!!! If it is then it can have the potential to debilitate or devastate your business position in online. There are plenty of sites which can let you know about copied content but the best that we suggest is Just visit the site and enter the url of the site in the search box and know for yourself whether the copy of it is already present on other sites or not. 

So, hire only the best content writers in Hyderabad for all best content writing services in Hyderabad, India?

Get real value for money you spend for your website content, content for seo articles, blogs, press releases, e-brochures, whitepapers, social media promotion etc. by hiring experienced content writers who can develop content that can supercharge your presence online. 

Contacting Content Writers India (CWI) for all content writing services in India, you can be sure of receiving content that is impressive, chiseled out to perfection as per your business concept Give us a call on +91 7730041171 / email us to

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How your web content can be a success-factor for your business online?

Are you looking for content writers in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Vizag etc. in India? Give us a call on +91 7730041171 for all cost-effective, plagiarism-free, high-powered content writing services. You can count on us for web content, seo articles, blog content, content for press releases, brochures, e-books, white papers, e-magazines, business development plan and for other online and offline marketing strategies which can help you enhance your business. 

Be Unique And Be The TREND, Don’t Just Be A Follower 

Innovate so that you can excel in your business. 

Do you know your web content can have the power to bring an increase in your sales, revenue online? Yes, that is the power of the quality content. 

Let us help you understand what we really want to tell you. You know, the giant search engine Google rolls out new search patterns and strategies from time-to-time in order to make search results much better for the internet users / rank sites as per website quality. 

SEO Writers Hyderabad
You must have heard from SEO guys about Google Updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon etc. Well, these are  just enough to make online marketers nervous as they may not know when Google will push their website down under the name of one of such updates (Even Master SEO Guys, Digital Marketing Experts who claim to popularise websites and push sites to top page of Google through web optimization, SMO and other content marketing strategies feel nervous when they see Google issuing notifications about search engine algorithms or other rank factors that are going to hit the market soon. 

How can you save your website ranking? 

But, smart SEO professionals and other content marketing strategists do not bother about such updates. Google launches the updates, push down a plenty of sites (sometimes, completely wipe out the presence of the sites as well) but it doesn’t touch presence of the sites which optimized by these expert SEO / SMO and Content Marketing Strategist. Do you know why?

The answer is very simple. They know what Google likes and look for. This search engines (and of course, others too) likes and look for quality content. If your website has got high-quality content that is crafted with all due intelligence, innovation and business strategy then it would have the power to empower your presence and its presence will never get overtaken by any other site (until or unless the competitor has got content that is more unique and strategically developed than your own). 

Why hire content developers, content writers?

Only experienced content developers / content writers can come up with content that can help you go unaffected no matter what updates Google launches (Only those updates which are connected to content. For instance, mobile-friendly update issued by Google hit the sites which were not mobile-friendly. Launching this update, Google made it very clear for the business owners that the website should be made for the mobile-devices too and not just for the desktop / laptop. Website design should be compatible with different screen sizes. This led to birth and growth in responsive website designing services or mobile-friendly website designing services).  

Are you looking for website content writers in Hyderabad for budget-friendly website content writing services in Hyderabad? Get in touch with us today. 

Type of Content for your SEO and Content Marketing 

It is essential that you pay more attention to what type of content you are making use of for optimization of your website and content marketing. Just think of it, if you have got bad content that is full of plagiarism for your seo then it can lead to negative effects. And once, your site gets hit for negativity and spamming (because of copy-paste content) then it would be very difficult to gain, regain the targeted position. Even, some content marketers those who do not know about the effects of the duplicated content began to promote duplicated articles on multiple sites. For instance,  an amateur content marketing team may make use of content piece (such as an article or press release) twice or thrice on different sites. They may publish the content piece on and then they will go on to create a free WordPress blog post. They even go on to create other posts or use the portions of the content piece on other social marketing sites which ultimately lead to bad performance. Such marketing tactics do not bring good results. On contrary, they badly hit the presence your site. 

Even without website optimization, it can be possible for your sites to reach first position on first search result page of the google and other search engines. Yes, that is possible. 

So, do not wait. Get in touch with the content writers in Hyderabad for uniquely crafted web content services, blog writing services, article writing and other content related services such as business development plan, content marketing etc. 

Give us a call on +91 77300411701

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why online businesses require more content?

Be the best at attracting customers with unique website content writing services in Hyderabad from expert content writers in Hyderabad, India. Dominate the market, be the leader, be the best with quality content from Content Writers India (CWI).

Website Writers Hyderabad

Creative, fresh, engaging, interesting and insightful web content is all-important for your business online. If you have a website and you are looking for strong web presence, increasing "sale" then it is essential that you pay more attention to getting more content. That is right. The more the content, the stronger your web presence. If your site manages to establish itself well online then naturally you are going to get more traffic which means more number of chances to convert the traffic into leads and leads into customers. 

Do not underestimate the power of web content 

But, unfortunately, there are many business owners who underestimate the importance of their web content. They just do not pay attention to what it can certainly do for them. That is the reason why many of the business owners do not manage to get success in their business (because they do not care to hire experienced web writers). Instead of hiring a content writer, they themselves sit to write or entrust the job of writing to someone at the firm who is not a professional content writer (Knowing good English is not just the one criterion which will fulfill the task of writing. The flow of thoughts, the marketing ideologies, the skills to play with the words or artful usage of e-persuasion to increase sales play pivotal roles in effective website content writing).  

Why do you need more quality content for your business online?

Your corporate website is one platform where you allow your customers to interact with your business. They come to know more about you through your site. Of course, if you do not focus on great presentation then you might lose the chance to attract them. And remember, a visitor who has visited your website once will not pay second visit if he / she finds your site to be not so effective (if it is mundanely presented with the poor content). 

Performance-driven Web Content  

Every business requires performance-driven web content. Here, we have listed down some of the major reasons as to why you require more content for your business online. 
  • Your corporate site /company’s site requires web content. 
  • Blog present on your site requires quality blog posts. 
  • Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team who is working on optimizing your website, trying to push it to first page of Google and other search engines require seo-friendly content in form of seo articles, seo blog posts, articles for submission into various article-directories, press releases etc. 
  • Your SMO (Social Media Optimization) team would require quality content in form of social posts to be posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various other customer-engaging and networking sites like LinkedIn etc.   
What best-in-class web content can do for your business?

Quality content written by expert content writers in Hyderabad, India can have the power to empower your business online. 

Best Writers in Hyderabad

Quality Content Can 
  • Tell your business story more effectively 
  • Differentiate your business from the clutter of competitors  
  • Help you turn business into a brand too
  • Inform, educate your customers (about your services or products through blog posts, informative knowledge-based articles etc)
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Engage customers more easily 
  • Generate leads, Nurture leads, 
  • Convert visitors into customers 
  • Increase sales (even help you convert a lost opportunity on sale too)
  • Increase your revenue and much more. 
So, do not wait. Get in touch with Content Writers India (CWI) for all your content writing services in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Delhi etc. Hire the best website content writers in Hyderabad for all effective web content for your strong business presence online.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why your business site needs a blog?

Are you looking for blog content writers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Vizag etc.India? Get in touch with Content Writers India to get the best content for your corporate blog. 

With number of internet sites and millions of entrepreneurs on the rise, how does one find a place in the midst of heavy online traffic?

Blog Content Writers In Hyderabad India

Blogging helps build a brand even before having the service or product ready. Promoting the business through blogs helps create the necessary traffic even before launching a credible business products or services. This helps in creating curiousness, awareness and consciousness in the world of online marketing.

For a startup business, blogging is like a signboard and it directs the intended customers towards the product and services. Blogs make the customers aware of what the start-up stands for, the products or services it sells and creates a brand making the customers familiar with the start-up. Blogs are like these personalized pages where the start-up puts its heart out for the customers to see and react.
Setting up an attractive website, making exciting and informative content available to the customers is like doing majority of the job in setting up a start-up. But, it does not end over there and the laundry-list of to-dos is just beginning.

Without a focused marketing team, it’s difficult to succeed in the online arena with just a few lines as a business plan. The most important short-term goal to be achieved is that the phones should start ringing even before the product or service hits the shelves. This type of branding can be accessed through blogging.

Blogging is that part of website building that drives the traffic the product site. This is like directly taking the customer to the product alongside giving reviews and best information possible.

For a start-up, online presence matters and this can be evaluated by assessing the traffic generated by the content. Blogging gives the pros and cons of the product along with the best reviews. It showcases the knowledge and expertise of the individuals involved in the start-up. For people who visit online sites on an everyday basis can relate to blogging sites as it creates trust. This leverage can translate into revenue in the coming time.

Intelligent Blogging

A clever blogger does not mince words but rather gives the exact information about the start-up and even provide a peek into the individuals behind the project. An attractive blog weaves you into the intense links of the web and allows people to follow you via twitter, Rss and other online social means. A blogger puts the start-up before everything else. A blog should contain all the recent facts and updates released by the start-up thus keeping the people informed.

In the case of start-ups, keeping ahead in terms of digital marketing is quite the task and this can be simplified by blogs. Blogs on social media sites keeps the market in trending and keeping the start-up in the news. By appearing everywhere the start-up gets the exposure it needs and attracts customers that can benefit through its products or services.

Blogs don’t have a word limit neither are they contained in terms of promotional activities. It can be the most attractive side of advertised if used in the correct format and can boost business by just connecting with the intended customers. 

Guest Post: Submitted by AU.

Are you looking for blog content writers in Hyderabad, bloggers in Hyderabad, business blog writers in Hyderabad? Get in touch with us today. Give us a call on +91 7730041171

Monday, December 19, 2016

How your weblog (blog) can increase your sales?

Hiring blog content writers in Hyderabad, bloggers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc who can help businesses turn into a big brand is now all very easy. Just call us today to get all effective, sales-based blog content writing services in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai etc. 

You may wonder at the word “weblog” but trust me it is not something new. It is simply a fusion of a website and a blog. If you have a corporate site and you are running a blog on your site too then we generally refer to such blogs on websites as weblog.

Generally, we use the word “Blogging” for all types of stand-alone blogs and others that are attached to the corporate sites.

Brings for you success in business you yearn for

You start your website with all passion. You get your site designed and developed, get content written from expert, spend a lot of time and money in marketing too so that you can reach out to your targeted audience and increase some sales.

Wait, without marketing, can it be possible to gain dominance in search engines, be the best at attracting the customers? It can be possible with blogging (but, always hire the best blog content writers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai etc in India for blogging services)

But, just think of it, will this be not something awesome for you to get the sales increased without having to spend or invest a lot more on advertising or promotion? Yes, it is possible. If you blog then you really can have the chance to bring incredible increase in your sales.

Courtesy: The Giant Google
Why blogging  should be an integral part of your digital marketing?

Let me make it very clear at the onset itself that blogging is considered the soul of digital marketing. No matter how many articles you are adding to your blog per day, it can help create dominance for your site in the search engines, make your site more authoritative.  Without blogging, online marketing would be much frail and may not have the dynamic elementalism to make it work for you and bring good results for you.

Great for SEO / Perfectly fuels your seo strategies  - Blogging can certainly make it much more easier for your SEO team to optimize your site. It can help them create more relevant and content-rich links, directing right from your blog to site (please, wait, we will talk about content-rich linking in our next post)

Driving huge amount of traffic -  Blogging can certainly eliminate your problems of low traffic. It is observed that the sites which run blog manage to get more targeted traffic.

Increase site authority / rate of credibility in search engines - Google and other search engines give more preference to sites which get updated from time to time. By adding new blog posts regularly you provide a good reason for the search engines to crawl your site more often. Remember, fresh content is what the search engines look for and by blogging you attract their attention the most easy way.

Help in conversion / increase conversion rate at least by 400% - Customers look for more information on products or services they would like to buy or take from you. By blogging, you help them learn more about your products or the services (Of course, your articles should be developed on knowledge-based strategies but you can instill some sales tactics and  drive customers to buy your products or services).

Enhance your brand - Blogging regularly would help businesses turn into a big brand. Just think of it, if you can manage to drive visitors to your site on everything connected to your services or products, act as a resource for all free knowledge on various inter-connected things then will it not impress your targeted audience, will it not push them to contact you, will it not attract them to share your posts? It will be.  With blogging, it will be simple to gain dominance in the market and turn into an unbeatable brand.

Cost-effective - What more? Blogging can be very cost-effective. You do not have to spend a fortune to hire a blog writer who can write blog posts for your corporate blog and help you become the leader in your niche market.

You can hire the best blog content writers in Hyderabad at Content Writers India (CWI).

Get in touch with us today for all your website content writing services, blog content and content writing services for your brochure, flyers, social media posts, whitepapers or for anything related to your online and offline marketing strategies. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Content Writing Training in Hyderabad - Content Writing Institute Hyderabad

Providing best-in-class content writing training in Hyderabad for all those who aspire to reach great heights in their career in content writing. Be the most sought-after content writer in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi etc., India.  

Enroll for the best content writing course training in Hyderabad, India. Content Writing Course crafted by CWI is simply the most effective course which can turn amateur writers into the most sought-after professional writers.  

Do you want to be a web content writer, copy writer, article writer, business writer, technical writer, blogger, content strategist? If you want to enter world of content writing then you really need help from experts who can provide you necessary training, guide you and help you nurture your skills in writing. 

Why take content writing course training in Hyderabad from CWI? 

We are the best when it comes to content. Because, it is not just that we provide training. We are writers who make a living writing content for the clients across India, UK, US, Australia, UAE etc. 

The best Content Writing Training Institute in Hyderabad  

Enrolling for the best content writing course in Hyderabad, you get connected to the best content writing training institute in Hyderabad, India. You get the opportunity to learn from the master content writers who has been in the field of content writing for over 10 years. We provide customized content writing courses for the all aspiring and budding writers in Hyderabad who want to make a name for themselves in the world of web writing. 

Candidates who enroll for the content writing course training at our content writing institute in Hyderabad will get an opportunity to learn and master their writing skills as easy as anything. Master trainers will help improve grammar, sentence formation styles and e-business attitude. Candidates will be trained on all aspects of web content writing - how to write content for websites, blogs, e-brochures, social media and for other marketing strategies. 

Whether you are just starting out on or looking for great improvement in your writing skills our content writing training course in Hyderabad can certainly help you become more proficient at writing and can help you write more effectively and persuasively. 

Course Details 

It is a 6 weeks course with 5 modules. Following are the modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing  

Basics of Content Writing
Types of Content Writing 
Principles of Writing 
How to make content more effective?
How to present, represent business in writing?

Module 2 – Kick Start Writing 

Content Writing for Businesses Online
Understanding Business Requirements 
Understanding Targeted Market / Audience 
Researching Competitors 
Collecting and Organizing Information   
Drafting First Content Piece 
Adding Cohesion, Improvement of Content 

Module 3 Sales Pitch   
Module 4 Grammar and Editing 
Module 5 Refining Content 

Course Price: Please, contact us for the course price details. 

Eligibility Criteria 
  • Strong English is must (If you are someone who is not good at English then we would not enroll you for this course. We test candidates before we enroll. All the candidates will have to take a simple test in English Grammar and Usage which will help us understand the level of the language the candidate has. If your English is not up to the level required to become a content writer then we suggest you apply for the English Improvement Course - Enroll for the English Improvement Course at CWI). 
  • Intermediate / Graduation (recommended) 
  • Good Research Skills 
Why take Content Writing Course?

With internet technology advancing at a rapid speed and enterprises focusing more on creating, enhancing and managing their online presence, the demand for the content writers has acquired an incredible attention. Today, content writing is fast becoming one of the best career options for the job-seekers. We see a great number of people learning the art of writing and working in high-profile companies, including fortune 500 companies.  

Moreover, writing is something which not all may have a flair for. Therefore, there is scarcity of writers. But, India which is growing more in IT requires qualified writers. So, it will be a lucrative career for the content writers. So, do not wait. Enroll for the course today and learn to write more effectively. 

After successful completion of the course, writers can work on one of the top MNCs or other firms belonging to any industries such as Health, Sports, Travel etc.

Note: We also recruit candidates after their course training. Candidates can start their career with our firm. This will give them the opportunity to work with the best and the most experienced content writers in India. For more details, give us a call on +91 7730041171l.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Advantages of Unique Web Content

Want to hire the best website content writers in Hyderabad for all impressive, budget-friendly, goal-oriented, seo-friendly content writing services in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore etc.?

Hire The Best Writers in Hyderabad, Call on +91 7730041171

What "quality content" can do for you?

If you want your website or blog to stand head and shoulder above the clutter of the sites or blogs (that provide more or less similar kind of services, products or information as your own) then it is all indispensable that you start paying more and more attention to your web / blog content. Nine times out of ten, business owners take content of their corporate site or blog for granted. They think it can be created, developed by anyone but they do not take into consideration the most surprising fact that it is not just about creation or development, it is all about originality – original writing. 

Only experts who are au fait with all writing capabilities, skills, and techniques can come up with the right type of web content or content for blogs or other requirements such as press releases, brochure, flyers, corporate videos, white papers, e-books etc. 

Your benefits – in a nutshell

Your web / blog content would be original which would mean you can get copyright for the same. You can protect your web / blog content by registering at this site ( Just check it out. 

Freelance Writers Hyderabad
The best thing about this site is that it let you know of where your content is being used (if someone has used it). For instance, you have got fresh content on your site but after a month or so if someone has used your content or some used some portions of it then this might send you notifications. You can contact the site owner, ask them to remove your content or can be protected more legally.  You can keep DMCA badge on your site too to let anyone know of (or in other words warn others) that you are serious about your website or blog and that you can go to any extent to protect your content. 

Sales-oriented content 

An expert web content writer who know more about your niche, industry or your business can certainly create the most outstanding content for your site or blog or for other marketing purposes. This would mean you will get content that your prospective customers would have no difficulty to understand. Often, because of bad presentation, visitors turn away or shut down the site. Use of the right words matter a lot. So, pay more attention to hiring the best of the best content writers in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc. in India when you are looking forward to create an everlasting impression on minds of your potential customers and be more successful in your online business. 

Unique content is liked by Google and other search engines 

Quality content is always given top priority by search engines. When you have got your content by experts then you begin to compel search engines to rank our site or blog or other marketing stuff. Trust me, there is no science in it. It is all very simple. Google and other search engines just want one thing. They would like their searchers to get the most relevant had the most spam-free information. But, if any site use of plenty of black-hat techniques of keyword stuffing or other 80-100 content related bad seo techniques then this might lead to more detrimental effects on the site and such sites never do well in search engines. You can find them even on page 100 or 1000. 

Case Study 

A site that on PAGE 10 of Google can come onto page 1 (that too on first place of the page) if the content is changed or if new content is written as per recent content guidelines issued by Google (will talk about it more, later). 

Hire the best seo website content writers in Hyderabad for all your web writing services Hyderabad, India. 

Call on +91 7730041171

Email us to 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Importance of plagiarism-free content for your site

Are you looking for content writers in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, India? Are you looking for the best-in-class, impressive, plagiarism-free content writing services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, India? Get in touch with us today for all your content requirements. We assure of web content that will auto-magically will help you attract web visitors, convert them into loyal customers, increase sales, gain dominance online and be the leader in your sphere of business. 

Defining Plagiarism In Simple Words 

Well, you must have heard about plagiarism. It is common, very common. In simple words, it would mean “Copied Content.” Yes, you have got that right. It would not be original. 

How will this plagiarized content affect your business site? 

Plagiarized content can create a lot of impact on your web presence. 

It is world of online business. If we take into account google search strategies then we would come to know that Google gives more importance to quality content that is not being copied or stolen from anywhere. If you have got a site with content that is being taken from other site or sites then the giant search engine will not give more importance to your site. It would not be wrong to mention here that it would not even index your site properly. The end result would be this: "You would lose web presence." 

Optimizations is not possible with copy-paste content 

Websites which have got copied content will never rank higher in Google or may not reach even the 10th or 100th page of it (leave alone the first top position on the first page of it). No matter how strong on and off page seo are, there will be no good results. In fact, those who are experienced at web optimization will not do just a childish or stupid thing. They would first analyze the content and if it is not original then they would surely suggest the use of the original content. 

Identifying Plagiarism

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It is all very simple. There are plenty of tools online which can let you know whether your service provider has provided you the right, quality web content or not (but,beware of some dummy or non-functional sites or plagiarism-checkers too which do not provide the right results). The best that we would recommend to anyone is You can enter the url of the site to check whether you have recieved unorginal content...... Free version can just be enough to see the results but if you would like to go for premium version then it would certainly be the best thing. 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How your web content should be? What Google Prefers?

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Nine times out of ten, it happens that the startups do not focus more on taking content writing services. They may show readiness to spend 100s or 1000s of dinars on design and development of their website but they hardly pay any attention to the heart of the site that is content. It is true that design matters a lot and but the role of content goes a step beyond that. That is the fact.

website writers in dubai

Google gives importance to sites that have got quality content. 

No matter how beautiful your website is, if it has cut-paste content or content that is replete in plagiarism then the site will not do well in search engines. Often, SEO team work on the site without taking into account whether the content is original or not. They just start working on off-page seo and wonder after some 3-4 months why the site is not getting optimized well…. 

The site with bad content never comes onto first page of Google. Site with plagiarized content never wins customers. 

Google gives utmost importance to sites which have got unique content. If you are one of the followers of sites like Search Engine Watch or Search Engine Journal then you will come to know of how Google responds to bad content. There are plenty of articles on these sites which talk about why the content should be of highest quality. 

Does this mean web content should be seo-friendly to be able to rank higher in Google and other search engines?

There is a misconception related to seo-friendliness. When Google says “quality content” then what it implies is that it should be written in such a way that it should be understandable for the targeted audience. The writer who is going to write content is required to have the skills to represent the firm in the best way possible. It should be written solely for the audience with the view to attract them, make them more understandable about what the products are, how the services are and how this firm is particularly different from the bunch of other firms. The role of the writer here would be to instill in content remarkably UNIQUE SELLING POINTS (USPs) which differentiate one from the rest. 

Here, it is certainly not necessary to write focusing more on grammatically incorrect phrases or keywords (because, 90% of the keywords are just group of words with no sense of grammar. For instance, an eCommerce site selling Goggles and T-shirts can have long tailed keywords such as Rayban Sunglasses Boys, Rayban Outdoor Glasses Men, Full Sleeves T-shirts Men, Round Neck Black T-shirts Girls etc. These are the keywords which are certainly not needed in the content. However, content writers can tactfully phrase them and place them in the content in such a way that content would be liked and preferred by Google).

Hire writers who can increase SALES 

Yes, when you hire experienced writers you manage to attract the attention of your web visitors or prospective customers. We have written for about 250+ sites so far and have the knack to present businesses in the best way. We can assure you of content that can increase sales. YES, we know how words should be, how business should be presented, how customers should be convinced etc? 

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