Plagiarism is a sin !!! It is morally wrong to copy someone's work and say that it is yours. It is against the moral code of writing.

What is Plagiarism?

Here, we have tried to present to our readers what plagiarism is, making use of very simple words
  • Use of ideas or words into your writings that are not yours. 
  • You pass off others' ideas as yours.
  • It is nothing but copying or borrowing original ideas, present in others' writing.
  • It is immorally bad.
  • It is called Literary Theft.
  • It is actually an act of fraud.
Writing is an art... Some are born writers and...Some adopt plagiarism......

Real writers are gifted. They have the gift of the gab. It says that if you do not know how to write creatively then it would be better that you quit writing. But, please, do not plagiarize.


Promote real writing / writing free from copy-paste work.

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