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Definition of Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism? 

Get to know about how plagiarism can affect the site's quality and how google takes on copied content.

Google never ranks sites with low-quality content. So, what is low-quality content in the eyes of the kingmaker, Google?

There are many web design and development agencies that do not have an in-house team of website writers in Hyderabad. Of course, the client would expect to have web content that is unique but development agencies do not provide that as a service to their client. Clients often find it difficult to look for a web writer on their own and as a result of it, they give this freedom to a web developer to find a solution for the content.

So, the solution that often comes to the surface is copying the content from other business-relevant websites. That is the simplest thing that anyone can do. Why waste time? Right?

Alas! By doing so, the website gets hit by Google.

Google is unique and it wants every site to be unique on the internet. It takes utmost care in providing only quality search engine results to its searchers.

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