A new Google product is rolling out.

Pay-per-click Services or Pay-per-call Services. A new Google product is rolling out.
Google Product “Bid for Call” or Pay-per-call is just what has gained notice of many of the web masters. If you are paying for Pay-per-click services then you can think of paying for Pay-per-call as well.
In case of Pay-per-click services (adwords services by Google) advertisers will have to pay for the number of clicks they may receive where as for Pay-per-call Services, advertisers will have to bid for phone calls.
It has been described as one of the straightforward Google products. Businesses will have to pay $5 for a phone call and may even have to pay up to $1 on getting a click from a prospective customers who carry out their search using terms relevant to your business.

More info click on: http://www.marketingvox.com/call-through-rates-latest-ad-rank-factor-thanks-to-pay-per-call-049997/

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