The Art of SEO Website Content Writing

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When it comes to SEO Content most of the business owners feel that they should have the keywords stuffed well in their web content, seo articles, blog posts etc. No matter how small or long they are, how useful or useless they are, how inappropriate they are....keywords are just required!!!

Dispelling the myths about seo-friendliness 

When your website developer says you need to get a site that is seo-friendly then it would mean that you need to have a site that is made with minimalism incorporated into it. He would not mean that content should have these number of keywords or that the keywords should be kept at so and so place etc. (If any developer says that then it is time that you share what we have posted here for you. Share to show that you care, share so that everyone can learn about it and do what is right for their clients). 

What actually is an seo-friendly site?
  • An SEO-friendly site denotes that a site is being designed making use of the short and easily accessible web language.... (it would mean HTML, Wordpress (PHP) etc). 
  • It would mean the site is loaded with the right code, accessible for the search engines. 
  • If search engines can read codes well then your site will have a good position (Search engines should be able to read coded images, coded videos, coded graphics, coded content, coded parts of all your site. If coding is not done as per SEO Rules then your site miss out on the chance to attract search engines in the right way)
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Role of Content

Of course, content is the soul of an SEO-Friendly Website. Website Content Writers need to write content as per the rules of SEO. Stuffing keywords into the content will not make it seo-friendly. There is an art which only masters know more about. 

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