How your web content should be? What Google Prefers?

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Nine times out of ten, it happens that the startups do not focus more on taking content writing services. They may show readiness to spend 100s or 1000s of dinars on design and development of their website but they hardly pay any attention to the heart of the site that is content. It is true that design matters a lot and but the role of content goes a step beyond that. That is the fact.

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Google gives importance to sites that have got quality content. 

No matter how beautiful your website is, if it has cut-paste content or content that is replete in plagiarism then the site will not do well in search engines. Often, SEO team work on the site without taking into account whether the content is original or not. They just start working on off-page seo and wonder after some 3-4 months why the site is not getting optimized well…. 

The site with bad content never comes onto first page of Google. Site with plagiarized content never wins customers. 

Google gives utmost importance to sites which have got unique content. If you are one of the followers of sites like Search Engine Watch or Search Engine Journal then you will come to know of how Google responds to bad content. There are plenty of articles on these sites which talk about why the content should be of highest quality. 

Does this mean web content should be seo-friendly to be able to rank higher in Google and other search engines?

There is a misconception related to seo-friendliness. When Google says “quality content” then what it implies is that it should be written in such a way that it should be understandable for the targeted audience. The writer who is going to write content is required to have the skills to represent the firm in the best way possible. It should be written solely for the audience with the view to attract them, make them more understandable about what the products are, how the services are and how this firm is particularly different from the bunch of other firms. The role of the writer here would be to instill in content remarkably UNIQUE SELLING POINTS (USPs) which differentiate one from the rest. 

Here, it is certainly not necessary to write focusing more on grammatically incorrect phrases or keywords (because, 90% of the keywords are just group of words with no sense of grammar. For instance, an eCommerce site selling Goggles and T-shirts can have long tailed keywords such as Rayban Sunglasses Boys, Rayban Outdoor Glasses Men, Full Sleeves T-shirts Men, Round Neck Black T-shirts Girls etc. These are the keywords which are certainly not needed in the content. However, content writers can tactfully phrase them and place them in the content in such a way that content would be liked and preferred by Google).

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