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Providing best-in-class content writing training in Hyderabad for all those who aspire to reach great heights in their career in content writing. Be the most sought-after content writer in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi etc., India.  

Enroll for the best content writing course training in Hyderabad, India. Content Writing Course crafted by CWI is simply the most effective course which can turn amateur writers into the most sought-after professional writers.  

Do you want to be a web content writer, copy writer, article writer, business writer, technical writer, blogger, content strategist? If you want to enter world of content writing then you really need help from experts who can provide you necessary training, guide you and help you nurture your skills in writing. 

Why take content writing course training in Hyderabad from CWI? 

We are the best when it comes to content. Because, it is not just that we provide training. We are writers who make a living writing content for the clients across India, UK, US, Australia, UAE etc. 

The best Content Writing Training Institute in Hyderabad  

Enrolling for the best content writing course in Hyderabad, you get connected to the best content writing training institute in Hyderabad, India. You get the opportunity to learn from the master content writers who has been in the field of content writing for over 10 years. We provide customized content writing courses for the all aspiring and budding writers in Hyderabad who want to make a name for themselves in the world of web writing. 

Candidates who enroll for the content writing course training at our content writing institute in Hyderabad will get an opportunity to learn and master their writing skills as easy as anything. Master trainers will help improve grammar, sentence formation styles and e-business attitude. Candidates will be trained on all aspects of web content writing - how to write content for websites, blogs, e-brochures, social media and for other marketing strategies. 

Whether you are just starting out on or looking for great improvement in your writing skills our content writing training course in Hyderabad can certainly help you become more proficient at writing and can help you write more effectively and persuasively. 

Course Details 

It is a 6 weeks course with 5 modules. Following are the modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing  

Basics of Content Writing
Types of Content Writing 
Principles of Writing 
How to make content more effective?
How to present, represent business in writing?

Module 2 – Kick Start Writing 

Content Writing for Businesses Online
Understanding Business Requirements 
Understanding Targeted Market / Audience 
Researching Competitors 
Collecting and Organizing Information   
Drafting First Content Piece 
Adding Cohesion, Improvement of Content 

Module 3 Sales Pitch   
Module 4 Grammar and Editing 
Module 5 Refining Content 

Course Price: Please, contact us for the course price details. 

Eligibility Criteria 
  • Strong English is must (If you are someone who is not good at English then we would not enroll you for this course. We test candidates before we enroll. All the candidates will have to take a simple test in English Grammar and Usage which will help us understand the level of the language the candidate has. If your English is not up to the level required to become a content writer then we suggest you apply for the English Improvement Course - Enroll for the English Improvement Course at CWI). 
  • Intermediate / Graduation (recommended) 
  • Good Research Skills 
Why take Content Writing Course?

With internet technology advancing at a rapid speed and enterprises focusing more on creating, enhancing and managing their online presence, the demand for the content writers has acquired an incredible attention. Today, content writing is fast becoming one of the best career options for the job-seekers. We see a great number of people learning the art of writing and working in high-profile companies, including fortune 500 companies.  

Moreover, writing is something which not all may have a flair for. Therefore, there is scarcity of writers. But, India which is growing more in IT requires qualified writers. So, it will be a lucrative career for the content writers. So, do not wait. Enroll for the course today and learn to write more effectively. 

After successful completion of the course, writers can work on one of the top MNCs or other firms belonging to any industries such as Health, Sports, Travel etc.

Note: We also recruit candidates after their course training. Candidates can start their career with our firm. This will give them the opportunity to work with the best and the most experienced content writers in India. For more details, give us a call on +91 7730041171l.