Plagiarized Content Can Wreck Your SEO and Overall Business Presence Online

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You must have heard a lot about PLAGIARISM. It denotes unoriginal work. The laziest, the most inexperienced, unprofessional and often the novice writers do this. If you have entrusted a content writer for the development of website content for your site or seo writer for seo articles for your website optimization purpose then you would surely expect something unique, something different that can help you differentiate yourself from the bunch of other sites or competitors in your business sphere but if you get nothing but  just copied content / stolen paragraphs or bits of content pieces from various resources then what? It would be sheer waste of time and money.  

Explosion of quality web content 

Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have started giving much more importance to content that is developed, written from scratch with no copy-paste word-groups or phrases. If you have got a site and it doesn’t have original, unique content then search engines will not give any preference to your site. It will be lashed by from all corners and you will miss out on the opportunities to market it online effectively (if you are thinking of marketing through SEO).

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Copied content sabotages your SEO

If you are already spending time and money on SEO and you are not getting any good results then it is crucial that you first cross-check your web content and content that you are using for the purpose of marketing (For instance, articles that are written in accordance to the principles of SEO and other SEO-based content for social media marketing and other online marketing strategies). If there is a high degree of copied content then it will surely not bring the results you are expecting. It is also observed that sites that already rank higher in Google and other search engines, sometimes get hit by these search engines because of the introduction of the plagiarized content in the form of content marketing across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other article creation or link building resources such as Hubpages, free WordPress blogs, guest blogging, etc. 

Detecting Plagiarism 

There are various sites that can help you detect copied content. We would suggest that you should always analyze the content you have or received from any content writer for it will let you know whether it is really being plagiarized!!! If it is then it can have the potential to debilitate or devastate your business position online. There are plenty of sites that can let you know about copied content but the best that we suggest is Just visit the site and enter the URL of the site in the search box and know for yourself whether the copy of it is already present on other sites or not. 

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