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Now 90% SEO is all about Content Marketing -  Story In A Nutshell

Gone are the days when seo experts used to spend a lot of time on adding website details to directories (we are talking about directory submissions), adding one article to 5-10 article directories (yes, the same article with slight changes in the title and a few changes here and there in the first paragraph and the rest of the content), adding same type of comments to a large number of blogs (relevant or irrelevant blogs) etc.There are many other things that have now become outdated. Yes, seo is fast metamorphosing, bringing on more difficulties, challenging seo experts to come up with some new ways of building the links (oops, quality links only).

If you have got a business website and you are looking forward to market it online, optimizing it, to be more precise, then it is crucial that you focus on asking your seo provider what all they are going to do for you. If they say they would focus on building links through directory submissions, citations, local listings etc. then it is time that you take a break and go on with your search for the best because all these things have now become history. Yes, you have read it aright. Today, search engine optimization is all about content marketing. In fact, it would not be wrong to mention here that 90% of it hangs largely on how your content would be, how you would market it and you can it make more engaging and result-oriented. 

Smaller chunk of SEO that is 10% of it comprises on-page seo which include web page title optimization, addition of meta tags (description as required with the right set of keywords), image optimization (alt+tags) and many other crucial on-page factors. Of course, without strong on-page optimization, the site may not reach top level. That is the reason why experienced professionals focus more on strengthening the seo first through on-page seo then with the other essential off-page seo strategies.

All about essence of content marketing

Content Marketing Services in Hyderabad

Well, without beating around the bush, let me take you there to the high-quality content marketing route where from you can see the site ranking higher on any keyword you may desire (here, competition doesn’t come your way. No matter how competitive a keyword is, it would be easier to make the site appear on first page of it when the searchers google it or google with other related small, long and conjugated keywords. 

But it is going to be difficult here. Let me just give one simple example here. Presently, marketing articles by making use of the article submission sites require a lot of content (I am sorry, dear seo experts, but article submission sites still carry a lot of weight and can be good for building links. But here, category selection and other content factors play a crucial role. Please, do not think that it would be waste of time if anyone is submitting the articles in directories like Ezine, Article Base and others. Article submission still works. Guest blogging which many of the SEO Geniuses talk about has born out of it). 

One article can be submitted in one directory and the same article can’t be submitted in other directories. Moreover, making use of the same content for free Blogspot posts, Wordpress posts and posts on Medium and other mini blogging sites like Tumblr and or other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc can be highly detrimental and can even devastate the website presence (there are chances that Google will penalize the site and if this penalization occurs then it would be difficult to win back position. There are many sites which were ranking on first page for almost all of the relevant business terms when old seo was working for them well but now with the new form of seo (that is content marketing) becoming more and more important and necessary, such sites are almost gone with traces left behind. That is right. 

So, here, if you think of submitting ten articles per month for link building then you will require 10 different articles. This means, you can’t spend time on writing. You need the help from expert content writers in Hyderabad who can come up with the quality content that can make content marketing much easier for you. 

Moreover, it would be wise to make use of unique content on social media. A novice may make use of same content across all social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) without knowledge of the fact that that it is more or less black-hat seo. So, this means, you would require an expert content writer for social media management as well who can come up with the latest posts for you with content that can be awesome.  

Remember, when the content on your website is original, when the content that you use for your seo (that is content marketing now) and content that you use across social media is just perfect with no plagiarism at all then no Google Update can harm your website presence. Because, originality is what Google stresses on and looks for when it starts ranking the sites for all search terms people may use across the globe. 

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