What is UX Writing? Why Hire UX Writers For Website Content, Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, E-Books etc?

What is UX Writing? Well, this would be the first question that I should answer here. A content writer can have various designations depending upon the type of content he / she is going to develop. When it comes to developing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization),we stress more on terms like SEO Writers, SEO Content Writers, Google Writers. When it comes to running and managing blog for a corporate organization, the role would be that of a blogger or blog content writer. But, the term UX Writing has become more of an integral part of almost all types of writing be that web content writing, article writing, blogging, PR writing, e-book writing etc. Yes, that is right. 

UX Writing is all about writing short, crispier copies (far from being clunky or cluttered) for websites, blogs,  keeping in mind user-experience or how users would expect it to be or interact. UX writing inevitably increases sales. Ensures enviable success in business. 

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Developing A Winning Content Strategy 

Of course, you would want your website to rank higher in Google and other search engines. And for that particular purpose, you would want to have relevant keywords in the website content or articles, blogs etc (or in all other content pieces that you may use for website optimization or ranking in Google). But, do you know old-times tricks do not have much relevance in present day seo? Yes, that is right. I am not saying keywords should not be placed in the content or that the use of the keywords in the content is an old-fashioned strategy but I would like to stress on the fact that Google prefer web content which is being developed focusing on user-friendliness. Yes, it is the fact. Google gives importance to sites which present themselves in a more natural way, putting users at the forefront. Jargon will not help in any way. Simplicity works the best. But, here, innovation is key to make simplicity perform its function in the best way.

A UX writer advocate for Google design, create meaningful content or text pieces that help users understand more about business in a precisely influential manner. 

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Stellar, Performance-Elevating Content

Create content that beautifies and simplifies the overall user-experience, help prospective customers, website visitors, understand more about the business services and products in a much simple way. 
  • Develop, clearer, more concise and user-friendly content.
  • Establish much more cohesive, unified voice across marketing platforms.  
  • Tactical execution of vision across all digital touch-points
  • Work closely with website designers, product developers, researchers, prototypers, engineers managers to come up with unique content.
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