200+ Actionable Content Marketing Tips To Enhance Your Business Presence Online

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You will have to create content that is impressively engaging… 

Content Marketing is one big thing which rules these days as far as Marketing Online is concerned. Gone are the days when SEO guys were busy working on link building strategies - finding ways to create a link from every other website they may come across, submitting website data in  a wide range of website directories, commenting on blogs (relevant or irrelevant) etc. But, now, the times have changed. Google wants marketers to come up with engaging content that can itself help them market their business online.

Content Marketing Increases SEO Ranking

To be honest, Content Marketing in today’s world of Google is known as First Best SEO. Because, seo professionals who adopt an effective content marketing strategy eventually make their sites more optimized and managed to get great position for the site in search engines. If it is crafted with all intelligence taking into account all essentials principles then it can make it easier for any site to reach the first page of Google. 

There are almost 200+ ideas that I can share with you as far as content marketing is concerned. But, before that I would like to talk more about how your strategy should be, what you should focus on when it comes to marketing online, what prospective customers may expect, how they may behave etc.  

Your strategy - Simple But Effective 

You will have to have a simple but more effective strategy when it comes to content marketing. Nobody would like to read a blog post or a Facebook / Twitter post if it doesn’t convey any meaning or if is beset with all jargon. Therefore, when you create any blog post or content pieces for Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, make sure you use simple language. Choose words with all care. 

Just think of it. Would you like to read an article on Networking written by an expert in Networking if it is full of technical jargon? Well, neither would I give preference to such an article. If you check out Linkedin profiles of some of the industry-leaders then you will come to know of that they have mastered these skills of presenting even the most complicated things in the most simplest language. When industry leaders like Neil Patel and others come up with a LinkedIn post, they present their ideas in simple and plain English. That is what you will also have to learn and be a matter of. If you can learn this art then it would be easy to keep customers interested or engaged for a long period of time. And once, the prospective customers get engaged for some time, you get the chance to convert them into buyers. Yes, this will increase your customer-base. 

Fulfill their needs 

Come up with an offer. Attract them with freebies. Do what they may expect from you. You will have to think like a customer in order to win their heart. Only those businesses which know how to keep their customers fulfilled and satisfies  through services, offers, freebies etc dominate the marketplace. 


I have always observed. Personalizing messages can have great effect on customers. When you address your customers with their name to answer their queries on Facebook or Twitter, or tag them in group for something wonderful they are waiting for, it works..This attracts them a lot and they eventually become your marketing agents. Yes, they begin to promote your business, help you get connected to hundred other customers from their circles. 

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