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We provide 100+ content writing services in Hyderabad and various other cities in India. We are the pioneers in content development. Came into being in the year 2010. It has been 10+ years for us and the journey has been awesome. 

Ushering Into New Web Content Writing Era 

It has been about 10 years for us in content writing and marketing and we have seen the ebb and flow of the market, Google and other search engines’ strategies to provide more relevant searches (to fine tune searchers’ experience). 

Before content mattered, it was the design of the website which was of pivotal importance. Now, the times have changed. Google wants website owners to be smart enough to provide unique content. Of course, design has its say in attracting the visitors but it will be the content of the website which will rule the world of online marketing. Your site is not going to be liked by Google if it has content which is full of plagiarism, full of words, phrases or sentences which are already there on other sites. 

Design will perform its role in a meaningful way if is being laced up with the right content. 

Today, webmasters, entrepreneurs, website owners understand that it is the content which is going to create for them ways to achieve their goals in business online. 

Google never stops from introducing new search algorithms. There are rules to be followed and those sites which do not follow the rules eventually bear the brunt of the giant search engine. Either the stie’s position gets toppled down or it gets completely wiped out. Nowhere to be seen in most of the cases. At it happened in the month of September. With new update rolled out in the month of September, many of the sites suffered great loss. There were many sites which lost their rankings. Many of them which were there on first page got wiped out completely and they are  not even on page tenth of the Google. 

The Giant Google introduces counterattack weapons which target sites which low quality content.  

Do you think these search engines understand grammar? Do you think these automated machines understand the words you use?  Do you think these search engines do not give any importance to sites which has got content in which sentences do not make sense at all? 

Well, to be honest, these wonder machines do not judge the site on the basis of the grammar, sentence creation rules or the choice of the words. Rather, they give due importance how the visitors react when they see one of such bad quality sites in search results. Here, “bad quality” refers to making use of plenty of business related search terms (which website owners are expected to use in a limited way). 

Let me explain: Suppose, there is a site which has got very bad content. It has plenty of keywords stuffed together to attract the attention of the search engines.. Assume, that it is new and it is ranking on page one of the search engines (I must say, it can be possible to rank higher using black hat techniques) but, do you think such a site will be able to impress the viewers or the searchers? Of course, not. The moment anyone click on it will prefer not to stay for more than a second or so and will prefer to navigate to some other site.

Use of excessive keywords in the content is one of the major reasons why many of the sites get washed away from the first page whenever any new update hit the market. If you are a website owned and you are spending a lot of money in content marketing or optimization then it is needed that you shall get the site ethically structured with the right content in which you get the right density of the keywords so that no update can harm the site. 

Hiring Content Writers Hyderabad

Your website viewers will click away if they do not find your words to be attractive enough to win their heart.  The first line itself shall have the quality to grab their attention and convince them to stay for a few seconds more. (and when any visitor stays on the site and reads on for couple of seconds what you offer, then there are possibilities to generate leads). Remember, only good content will only prevail in the market. There shall be this sales-elementalism in it which will eventually persuade the visitors and turn them into buyers (Therefore, hiring best content writers Hyderabad is the right solution). 

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