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Following is the script of the speech delivered by Alan Banaqeeb, Top Content Writer From Hyderabad. The Expert Content Developer, talked about how beginners in content writing can learn to be more creative in developing quality content for websites, blogs, seo articles and other web content needs. Alan Banaqeeb, one of the master content developers from Hyderabad, provided tips on content writing - how anyone can become a good content writer and what is needed to be a good content developer. 

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Hi, all you lovely people out there, I hope you are all doing well. 

I would not have been here, if it were not for you. Yes, this video is for you  

I am going to share with you some important content writing tips or techniques you can embrace and work on to improve your style of writing. 

But, before that, I think it is important that you shall know a little about me, right? 

I am Alan. I have been working as a content writer, seo writer, blogger for over 10+ years and I have written for about 350+ sites so far -  thousands of articles, blog posts and content for various marketing requirements. 

I am obsessed with training too. Trainer with experience that spans a decade. I provide training on content writing, digital marketing, voice and accent, soft skills.. I provide training for small to mid-sized businesses.

But, certainly, i do not like myself to be called a trainer. So please, consider me to be your friend. This way, we can move on well. 

Well, I think i should stop talking about myself here, otherwise, you may feel like i am bragging on. 

Ok, let us talk about what is needed to write for web, who can be a content writer, what qualities you may need in order to be a good content writer…. 

I stress, you can become a content writers provided you have these five qualities in you.  

Quality 1 

Desire to be a content writer

It is important that you shall have desire to be a content writer. You need to have this passion towards writing. If you do not have this passion then you may not become a content writer. 

Quality 2 

Command Over Language 

Nobody wants to read crappy content. It shall make some sense. And this sense gets instilled into the content when you have good command over language. You need to learn to write more effectively in a language that is more understandable. It shall be free from grammatical errors. It shall have more effective words. It shall be punctuated well. 

Quality 3 

Research Skills 

You need to be a good researcher. You need to carry out some research on anything or everything that you want to write on. Here, researching is equivalent to browning. You just need to be good at googling out the information on the topic that you are going to write about. 

Quality 4 

Editing and Re-editing

Let me just tell you what you can do to write effectively. If you are beginner in writing and you want to write well then I would suggest that you resort to rewriting not writing. Yes, you have got me right. You need to focus more on rewriting the content. Of course, experienced content writers develop content from scratch and you also can do this but this may take some time for you. As you become more proficient at developing content, it will become easy for you to write from scratch. 

So, how will you edit or re-edit?

Let us say, you are working on website content for your client. Probably, your first client. And i know you would  aim at doing your best. 

Let us say, your client provides different types of IT Services like web development, web app development, digital marketing and others. So, what will be your first step to develop the content for a website which deals with all these services. 

I shall say, you will have to first find out sites which provide these similar types of services. Just google out by making use of right set of keywords. For instance, if you have to develop content on web page which will showcase web app development services then you search in Google using the same keyword. Search for the best sites, learn more about how they have presented and out of bunch pick a few paragraphs or catch lines and try to rewrite them in your own words. This will work for you for sure. This will simplify your task of developing content for the site. You will know what to write or how to represent. 

And of course, when you finish writing it, you need to check, restructure what you have written so that it shall look more meaningful and sales-oriented.

And yes, you need to make it seo-friendly too by adding some relevant keywords. 

Trust me, it is that simple…. 

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And if you want to learn more, please, get connected…. 

You can email me to, 

I should say, I hold FREE content writing training sessions for the budding writers. You can join one of the sessions as per your schedule. 

Thanks a lot. 

See you soon.

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