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If you yearn for success in business online then it would be crucial to focus more on taking quality content for all your online marketing requirements. Yes, that is really needed. You will have to hire an experienced content writer who can provide content that can have the power to empower your business online.

Now, with 90% of SEO depending more on content marketing, it has become imperative to hire seo writers who understand how "search" goes on, how search engines response to search that is carried out and how to influence the behavior of online searchers (here, prospective customers). An experience content writer who know more of how to create an indelible impression with the content can certainly help your internet marketing team deliver the right message through your website, corporate blog, social media etc.

If you are looking for seo content writers in Hyderabad, INDIA for your website, blogs, seo articles, social media content etc. then you can rely on me. I am a little far you geographically but not technologically. Always connected to you through phone call, skype, whatsapp, teamviewer etc.

Many of my clients ask for seo-based content. But, what exactly does this mean? Does this mean content with only right set of keywords? Well, to be honest it is more than that.

Defining what exactly is “SEO Website Content”

Before, I go on to define what is “seo-based content writing or website content”, I would like to draw attention of my readers to the most important thing which Google also stresses more on and it is “content for the real users /customers.” Yes, your website content should be written focusing more on the targeted customers. It should not be just for the search engines cluttered with plenty of primary, secondary or tertiary keywords.

SEO-based website content is the form of content which is written truly with the purpose to rank higher in Google by making use of the set of words (paired and unpaired) which most of the potential customers might use while carrying out their search in Google for the services or the products they may require. It is written with more focus on how search engines work and rank content higher in comparison to other sites but this doesn't imply that it should be ripped off the real beauty - that  is the presence of the elemental e-persuasion.

To understand more about what it can be, it would be necessary to focus a little on how search engines work. For instance, when you type anything in Google, say “Content Writers in Hyderabad” then the search egine starts finding the answer for your query. You should know that the web is made of trillions of web pages but Google will pick only those pages which have direct relevance to your query. The search engine starts navigating the web pages by crawling. This means, it follows links from page to page. The pages are sorted on the basis of the content and the number of links. The search engine has got its own algorithms, some specific rules to rank the content. There are 200 factors which determine whether the website deserves to be on the first page of the Google or not. Some of the factors include freshness of the content, quality of the content, user search context etc. 

The crawling and indexing processes are a bit complex which help Google rank the sites. But, in a nutshell, I can tell you that search results are based more on how you present your title, description / meta title or keywords. Because, these are first things which make the giant Google take your site into consideration and when once it views these are specifically relevant to the search terms then it goes on to analyze the content of the site, for instance, the content present on the web page.

Does this mean placing the keywords in the title, description can work for me?

Well, to be honest, it works. In fact, it is crucial for strong on-page seo. Moreover, how well you write your “title” and the “description” determine whether your site would be ranked by Google or not. If on-page is laden with low-volume or irrelevant keywords then naturally it would not help your site.

But, again, this doesn’t mean that adding keywords would alway work because there are many sites which show right set of keywords in “title” and “title-descriptions” but still they do not manage to get onto the first page of google. The reason of it can be attributed more to the spamming. Yes, that is right.  Overuse of the keywords can lead to spam and Google has special bots to detect spammy sites. Therefore, using keywords more smartly is necessary.

Let us take an example here. Suppose, we have got following keywords:

  • Freelance content writers in Hyderabad
  • Website writers in Hyderabad
  • SEO Writers in Hyderabad
  • Blog Writers in Hyderabad
  • Article Writers in Hyderabad,INDIA
  • Website Content Writers in Hyderabad, INDIA

Now, if you make use all these six keywords then it would mean that you have made use of the word “Writers” five times. The same goes for the city name: “Hyderabad” as well. But, here, smart writers will make use of all these six keywords in a much smarter way. The following is the example which shows how six keywords can be fused together to make Google rank your content or website well above others in the search results pages.

Example: Freelance Writers in Hyderabad, INDIA for Website, SEO, Blog Content.

Do not think that it would not make sense as Google will look for the exact pairs of keywords. No, this is really not so. I must say that it is a white-hat seo strategy which guarantees great success. Of course, the search engine will take ample amount of time to rank your site but eventually it will.

I must also say here that smart use of the keywords will also eliminate the need of off-page seo. That is right. You have read aright. If your web content is written focusing more on smart on-page seo strategies then it would certainly make it easier for your site to reach first place, first position in Google (and other search engines as well).

Does your web content writer know SEO?

If you are looking for strong online presence then your website content has to be much stronger in terms of right set of keywords relevant to your business. And of course, you will have to focus on your targeted audience too. I am a content with profound understanding and practical experience of seo. In fact, I have optimized sites for my clients too but only with the power of content. That is what I would always suggest. Because with right content marketing and content strategy, it would be easier to get the most dominating position in search engines and this will eliminate the need of taking seo services from other service providers as well. 

Remember, Google and other search engines like quality content. The more quality you have in your content, the easier it would be for you site to get ranked by Google. Sooner, your site will reach first page which would mean more traffic to your site, increase in number of your customers, sales online.

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